4 Ways That Good SEO Can Help Your Conversions

4 Ways That Good SEO Can Help Your Conversions


Search engine optimisation should not just be about tweaking your site to rank well on Google; it also needs to take conversion rates into account. Unless visitors are actually making purchases or engaging with your site in some way, the growth in traffic will be meaningless.

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Here are four ways that a well-optimised site can give you the advantage when it comes to conversions.

Landing Page Consistency

The biggest threat to conversion rates is a failure to meet expectations. So if the pages that visitors click through to when they see your site on SERPs are not in line with what they are looking for, you can expect most to leave quickly.

Addressing this is easy through consistent meta tagging, location-based optimisation and the correct use of keywords. That way you will not appear in the wrong places.

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Testing Variables

Sticking to one conversion tactic is not always sensible, especially if there is another route you could take to generate more sales. So deploying A/B testing as part of your SEO strategy is sensible.

Although Google is in favour of allowing sites to set up multiple landing page variants to see which approach works best, make sure that the original page is tagged as rel=canonical to stop the algorithm getting muddled. Working with an agency like https://www.elevateuk.com/seo-services/, which offers professional SEO services, will help you avoid minor errors like this.

Boost Page Load Speed

A lean, mean website should load quickly on any device, as significant delays can lead to ranking issues. And visitors are even more sensitive to slow performance than search engines.

With Google set to apply page load speed as a key ranking factor to mobile search this summer, now is the time to act.

Multimedia Benefits

Video is a key asset in the modern digital marketplace, allowing companies to get across their message efficiently without relying on copy alone. This can help with conversions, but it should also be factored into SEO and seen as mutually beneficial.

Videos can be tagged with keywords, monitored with analytics to test their effectiveness and shared via social media to drive more traffic to your site organically. The opportunities are endless, and this medium is becoming far too influential to be ignored by sites that have ambitions to grow.

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