6 Reasons Why Bike Accidents Occur

Bike Accidents


The warmer days are here again and it is time for people to pull out their motorbikes again. It is certainly the season to let go of hurdles and jump on a bike! However, the truth is those bike accidents are far more common than you think. Such accidents are happening on American roads every day and the only way to prevent them is to know why they happen.

1. Drunk Riding

This is the No. 1 reason why such accidents happen and these can be prevented very easily. No matter what kind of vehicle one is driving it makes sense to absolutely forego any kind of alcohol or hard substances that may make one a little less aware of the surroundings. If you are asking yourself, ‘’ do I need a bike accident attorney ?’’, then this can be the reason.

2. Unsafe Lane Changes

This is another common reason that such accidents can happen. When lane changes happen unsafely and without any notice to the driver driving behind, it can easily cause an accident. Too many motorbike drivers make lane changes without paying any heed to the vehicles behind them and this can be very dangerous on the road.

3. Speeding

Speeding any vehicle is dangerous and more so if it happens to be a motorbike. This is something that is again very easily prevented but something that riders continue to do every time they want to. While an open road may make one break speed barriers, the thing is that it is dangerous to do in most instances. So speeding is not a good idea when you are riding a motorbike.

4. Open Car Doors

Car doors kept open can be a huge hindrance for motorbike riders. Hitting on such open doors is easy and it can cause fatal accidents or if not that, serious injury to the rider. That is why it is crucial to always be sure that all car doors are kept close when it is still.

5. Abrupt Stop

Some cars when being driven may come to an abrupt stop for some reason or other, making the bike just behind it have an accident. This can also have a serious effect on the rider and the passenger.

6. Road Conditions

It is not okay to drive a bike on every kind of road. Unsafe road conditions cause serious accidents and should be stayed away from when it is a bike concerned. Dangerous road conditions can also make the rider lose control of his vehicle.

If your or someone close to you has been in a motorcycle accident, then getting started on taking legal action is a priority. Such accidents can result in serious injury or at the least minor ones. Getting the injuries the treatment they need requires financial assistance and that is why you need an attorney to file a personal injury case against the insurance company. This way you will get the compensation you need to get the treatment the victim deserves.

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