A Buyer’s Guide for 4WD Accessories

A Buyer’s Guide for 4WD Accessories


Are you looking for the best accessories for your 4WD vehicle? Buying good-quality accessories can improve the performance of your 4WD vehicle. So, doing a little homework before purchasing the accessories can help you save more time and cost. Here we’ve listed a few essential 4WD accessories for your vehicle.

Bull Bar

Bullbars are the most essential 4WD accessories that are used to stop the incoming elements. If there is a collision because of animals, debris, or rocks, bull bars act as a front line of protection and survives the impact. You can also attach other accessories such as driving lights, winches, fishing rod holders, and more to it.  However, look for the following features when buying a bull bar for your 4WD vehicle.

  • Check whether bull bars come with ADR compliance
  • The bullbars must be strong enough to protect you and your family from accidents
  • Ensure the bullbars are made of high-quality materials
  • The bullbars you choose much be compatible with other aftermarket accessories
  • The bullbars you choose shouldn’t affect your vehicle’s functionality


A suspension system is one of the vital aspects of your 4WD vehicle. Buy high-quality suspension components and airbag suspension conversions to improve your vehicle’s suspension capability.

Roof Racks

Roof racks are the most crucial 4×4 accessories, and when chosen well, it maximises the space while minimising the weight. When you install a roof rack, you can free up space for more passengers. You can keep extra items such as spare tires, track mats, and other 4WD drive accessories and more.


Buying a high-quality towbar makes your vehicle equipped for a rear-end recovery. If you attach a winch, it’d be equipped for self-recovery when driving alone. So, while purchasing the tow bar, check the tow rating to make sure that it can handle the weight of your vehicle and the passengers. The average weight of the tow bar must be 1.5 times the weight of your vehicle.

Driving Light Upgrades

Did you know reduced drive lighting can lead to car crashes? Yes, when you are driving in off-road or remote areas, you need better quality lighting to avoid any accidents or crashes. So, it’s wise to invest in high-quality lighting upgrades to eliminate any accidents associated with it.

So, looking for high quality 4WD drive accessories at affordable rates? Check https://ozi4x4.com.au/ now. They have specialised accessories such as bullbars, lights, roof racks, suspension systems, tyres, bonnet scoops and more to ensure safe 4×4 adventures.

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