Choose a Good Business Name but Don’t Obsess Over It

Choose a Good Business Name but Don't Obsess Over It
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Ask a group of business experts how important business name and logo are and you’ll get a bunch of different answers. As strange as it sounds, not everyone in the branding and marketing game agrees on this topic. This post will add yet another perspective to the mix.

What you will read is rooted in the understanding that choosing a good business name is necessary. A business name represents the connection between company and customer. However, business names are not as critical as some branding experts would have us believe. It’s okay to put some thought into choosing a good business name, but don’t obsess over it.

Meaningless Business Names

The business world is rife with companies whose names seem to be meaningless. Take the Ford Motor Company, for example. The company’s name is a reference to its founder. But if you were a 22-year-old car buyer and you knew nothing of U.S. automotive history, that reference means nothing to you.

You couldn’t care less that Henry Ford is the company’s namesake. You aren’t interested in learning about his role in developing the assembly line model of mass production. What you care about is the Mustang, or whatever Ford vehicle you happen to love.

The same case could be made for Apple. There are legions of loyal Apple fans who know nothing about Steve Jobs or the company’s early history. They don’t even know why Apple was chosen as the name. Moreover, they don’t care.

Overthinking the Obvious

The internet has been a great thing for society. It has opened the door to the free flow of ideas across an entire globe. But it also has its downsides, one of them being that it has given rise a never-ending stream of information. Moreover, our collective obsession with information often causes us to overthink the obvious.

There are those in the marketing world who insist that a good business name cannot possibly be created by an online business name generator. It has to be thought through by marketing experts, bandied about for weeks on end, and then market tested for viability.

All the extra nonsense overlooks what would otherwise be obvious: the most important market test of all is whether a company meets its customers’ expectations. That’s what matters in the end.

Catchy and Memorable

TRUiC Is a company that offers a range of services to business owners, including an online business name generation tool. They encourage entrepreneurs to chooses business names that are catchy and memorable. It’s sound advice.

A catchy and memorable name is more easily recalled when customers need a company’s products or services. If that name is backed up by stellar service, a positive image will be linked to the company’s name and brand in the customer’s mind.

On the other hand, a customer may have trouble recalling a company’s name if it is uninteresting, bland, and hard to remember. For example, a housewife may be duly impressed with the work a remodeling contractor did for her. But five years down the road, she might remember his face and the type of truck he drove but not his business name.

Everything in Moderation

Business names are important. Coming up with one does require some thought. But as with everything else, business owners need to put the whole name and brand thing into perspective. They need to practice a bit of moderation.

When all the dust settles around choosing a name, what matters most is a company’s ability to keep customers happy. Provide stellar products with equally stellar customer service and a company’s name suddenly isn’t so important anymore.

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