Choose Non-Toxic Candles For Your Holidays – Know How You Can?

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The glow of candles in a room gives a pleasant, relaxed feeling. There is a range of scented and unscented candles available on the market. Not all these are made with the same kind of materials. Some candles are made by using beeswax, while in others paraffin wax is used.

Most people don’t know that cheap quality candles emit hazards and pollutants into the atmosphere that affect the health, particularly people with respiratory problems or asthma. So, it’s ideal to consider what kind of wax is used in the candles when purchasing them.

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The following are a few types of candles and their benefits and effects on the health that help you in choosing suitable candles.

Paraffin wax candles

These are the cheap and popular candles available on the market these days. They are made by using the waste substance (paraffin) collected from the petroleum industry. It is a sludge substance that burns easily. Also, it releases carcinogens (toluene and benzene) and carbon dioxide (as soot) into the atmosphere. These pollutants accumulate on the furnishings, ceilings, walls, and others.

Soy candles

These are made by using hydrogenated coconut, soy, and palm oils. These vegetable wax candles last for a longer time (nearly 50%) compared to paraffin candles. They produce vibrant flame compared to other kinds of candles. Also, they release little soot, and you can clean the spill easily. They became popular because they are widely available and affordable.

Beeswax candles

These candles are made from a natural source like honeycombs, and they are considered a great option compared to other candles. They not only burn for a long time but also give a pleasant fragrance as well. They produce negative ions that help to create a clean atmosphere in your room. Also, they help to soothe various symptoms, from asthma to hay fever. Original beeswax candles are in amber to golden color.

Aromatherapy and scented candles

Aromatherapy and scented candles are not an ideal choice because the wax won’t burn cleanly. Also, they produce carcinogens, reproductive toxins, and neurotoxins. Soot released from such candles damages the furnishings, electronics, and computers. Moreover, these toxins are a serious concern for people who have respiratory problems.

Candelilla wax candles

It is obtained from the shrub Candelilla, and it is a 100% vegan choice. These candles are denser and have a high melting point. These candles are in pale color and odorless.

Gel candles

Although gel candles come in decorative containers and have beautiful embedded items, they are made by using synthetic hydrocarbons or petroleum-based wax. So, they produce chemicals like paraffin candles. Also, fire hazards are related to gel candles as the gel expands while heating, and the container may shatter.

The essential thing you need to consider while purchasing candles is the material used in making wick. Wicks made with natural materials like cotton burns clean and don’t produce any toxins. To enjoy the pleasant atmosphere and clean air, choose the best store that offers high-quality wicks and order them today.

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