Common Pallet Racking Mistakes to Avoid

Common Pallet Racking Mistakes


Pallet racking systems are the most effective when it comes to industrial storage. Whether for manufacturing facilities, industrial storage, or other commercial operations, you can always rely on the palette racking.

While the pallet racking is ideal for storage, it can only be as effective as installing and operating them. Here are some of the common pallet racking mistakes to avoid.

1. Purchasing the wrong size 

The first consideration when purchasing a pallet racking is the size. Understand the length of your forklifts to determine the ideal pallet racking size. Otherwise, you might end up spending money on a racking you will never use or need to buy another costly forklift.

Do not forget to include the weight the racking will hold. This helps in ensuring safety in your workplace.

2. Overloading and improper use 

Overloading your racking system is the easiest way for it to develop cracks, dents, and damage. In some cases, it will collapse either immediately or in the long run. Understand the weight capacity of the racking before you place any heavy material on it. Also, let all the employees using the system understand the weight limits.

Display the weight limits on a visible panel on the racking to avoid confusion or mistakes when one forgets. Place the heaviest loads on the bottom and towards the back of the shelves.

3. Purchasing used pallet racking 

For some warehouse managers, buying used pallets racking saves costs and time. They, however, forget every other thing they are compromising by settling for the used pieces.

Use pallets are not the best for strength, safety, and durability. After some time of use, every rack incurs some damages. By getting these used racks, you are assuming the damage and compromising your warehouse house.

4. Overlooking repairs and damages 

Damage to the racking system is one of the situations you want to eliminate as soon as they happen. The pallet racks can get damaged in the warehouse through various ways like overloading, hitting by the forklifts, improper loading, among other things.

Avoid rack damages by keeping the warehouse clutter-free and training your staff on rack loading and maintenance procedures. Only let the qualified staff handle the racking duties and ensure regular inspection to note any damage, clips, or crack on the racks. Do not overlook any damage, no matter how inconsequential it looks. Instead, repair or replace the rack immediately after you notice the damage.

5. Failure to future-proof purchase plan 

Most warehouse managers tend to buy the racks they only need for the moment. They fail to consider the growth prospects of the company. Thus, it becomes a concern that the need for racks comes in the future, and the company is forced to use temporary structures.

Invest in a long-term racking system strategy. Use selective racking system Malaysia in a way you will not compromise your storage. In storage, you would rather have it but not need it than need it but not have it.

A pallet racking system is one of the most effective to store your company’s products. You, however, have to avoid common mistakes to ensure the safety of the products and the employees.

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