Employee Accident Insurance


Compulsory working time insurance will protect the employee against accidents at work and occupational diseases. The insurance is part of the employee’s employment relationship and the employer has to take it to their employees if he or she pays over EUR 1,200 in wages during the calendar year.

When you take Fennia’s compulsory working time insurance

  • you can influence the insurance price by taking care of work safety
  • your remuneration is dealt with expertly and quickly
  • you will be served personally.

As an employer, you can supplement your employees’ protection with voluntary accident insurance , which also covers casualty accidents. Voluntary insurance also provides for a salary payment during the employee’s invalidity period.

You can complement your remote worker’s security with a voluntary remote security insurance .

  • Compulsory working time insurance is part of the employee’s employment security.
  • Voluntary accident insurance complements workers’ safety.
  • Remote Home Insurance completes the security of a remote worker.
  • We will help you choose the appropriate insurance coverage for your company and staff.

Mandatory working time insurance

The employer must take their employees a mandatory working time insurance if salaries are paid over € 1,200 during the calendar year.

An employee has a right to compensation under the Act on Occupational Exposure and Occupational Therapy on the basis of compulsory working time insurance if an accident at work or an occupational disease occurs.

The pricing of insurance is based on the dangers of the work carried out in the company and on the payroll of the company. Improving occupational safety is taken into account in Fennia’s insurance policies as cheaper premiums. Large companies can choose a special payment system suitable for the company’s risk level.

The insurance can not be done retroactively, but the insurance becomes effective at the earliest when the application has arrived at Fennia.

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