Essential supplements for kids under 14

supplements for kids under 14


Teenagers or children have different needs for supplements such as vitamins or minerals than adults. You have to take the meals that you require. This article tells you all about the essential vitamins and minerals necessary to meet the kid’s requirements. These supplements also play a crucial role in the time of the omicron variant. If you also want to get the same detail, read the complete article till the end.

The supplement, Calcium

Calcium supplements are necessary to build strong bones and teeth. The kid’s age is the time to build strong bones. The more your child’s bones are build, the more reserves when their bones get weakened in the later years or under the condition of critical illness cover. It is required to take the 700mg calcium for the kids of 1-3 years ago. 1000 mg daily is recommended by the kids of 4-8 years ago.

Food containing Calcium: Salmon, Dairy products, dark green leafy vegetables fortifies foods.

The supplement, B12, and other B vitamins

The B12 or other B vitamins are necessary for children to get energy, a healthy heart, and a healthy working nervous system. It is suggested to take 0.5 mg daily of these vitamins for babies. 0.9mg for toddlers and 1.2mg for kids aged between 4-and 8 years. 9-13 years are recommended to take 1.8mg daily.

Food such as Meat, Fish, poultry, eggs, etc. contains B12 or other vitamins.

Vitamin D supplement

This kind of supplement works with calcium to make strong muscles or bones. It may also help to protect from chronic disease. The small age kids required at least 400IU of vitamin D. Breastfed babies required the supplements vitamin D until they get the 32 ounces of vitamin D that has the formula for making milk.

Food that consists of the Vitamin D: Fishes, sardines, salmon, fortified cereals, vegan families, eggs, mackerel, etc., consisting the vitamin D.

Vitamin E supplement

The supplements, named Vitamin E, give your immune system strength. It also posses the blood vessels clear and flows well. The kids at the age of 1-3 years required the 9IU of vitamin E daily. At the age of 4-8 years they require the 10.4IU in their routine. Kids at the age of 9-13 years required 16.4IU in their routine. Teenagers adults required to 22IU in their routine.

Food containing Vitamin E: Sunflower, sunflower seeds, nuts, seeds, safflower seeds, etc.


The supplement, named Iron helps the red blood cells to carry the oxygen in the whole body. Kids required the Iron in 7-10 milligrams a day. Teenagers boys require the 11 mg per day, and the girls who begin at the age of menstruation need more than 15mg.

Food than contains Iron: Red meats and animal products are high in Iron. The non-meat food items that contains Iron are dark green leafy veggies and beans such as navy, lima, kidney, and soy.

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