Expected Benefits of the ETF trading industry

Expected Benefits of the ETF trading industry


Forex trading is now a widespread profession all around the world. High liquidity, trade on margin and flexibility are the common benefits of it. There are also many benefits that are helpful for building up your career in Forex trading. Today’s article is about the benefits of that.

Common benefits of Forex trading

No commissions

We all know there are so many commissions are included in many professions.It is a profession where no exchange fees, clearing fees, brokerage fees, etc. are involved. Most brokers provide this service through spreads.

As it is a worldwide market, there are various kinds of people in his industry. You should select a suitable broker. Otherwise, there is a huge chance of losing money in this profession. One wrong decision can lead you to ultimate loss.

No fixed size for the lot

In the future markets, contract or lot sizes are determined by exchanges. For example, we can tell that a standard contract for silver futures is about 4000 ounces. In Forex trading, you can easily use the small position sizes or lot sizes. It allows the traders to trade with smaller units like 1000. Many Singaporean traders have changed their life just by taking the trades in the ETF market. Visit https://www.home.saxo/en-sg/products/etf and know more about the ETF trading environment.

Lower transaction cost

In Forex trading, you can use the lower transaction cost of 0.1 %. If the market condition is normal, you can easily use this amount regularly. There are larger transactions also. In this case, the spread can be lower than 0.8%. It totally depends on the leverage.


Leverage is the main feature of that. It means that you need a small investment or margin for entering the trade. If the margin starts from 3.3% where the leverage is 30:1. After completing the exposure of market, margin can be more efficient for the capital. In this situation you can use the average capital for the deal. Potential loss will happen if the market condition is not in favorable condition. If the position margin is $100, then you will be able to enter a position that is holding a value of $3000. Try to remember that the increased leverage can develop the chance of gaining profit as well as the loss. Market movement and the condition of the market is vital thing in this issue. Price movement also plays a crucial role in the use of leverage.

24-hour market

Forex industry is the one which is open for 24 hours all over the world. You can easily take part in this profession as you want. We can see the short-term traders, long term traders. Some of the investors use to trade in the daytime and some of them use the night portion. This accessibility is the main reason behind getting tremendous popularity. You are your own mentor in your career. Try to choose the best-suited strategy and time frame and gain profit.

High liquidity

The currency market is the highly traded financial market of the world. Over 4 trillion dollars are traded in a single day. Global participants are trading throughout the day. Currency markets are more liquid than the other financial industries.

Earn independently

In every profession, you have a specific schedule that should be followed must. But in this profession, you can earn independently. There are no obstacles and rules that should be maintained. You can earn independently when you want. Most of the newcomers are eager to make their career in Forex trading just for this reason. On the other hand, you can earn money very quickly. Not a very long time is needed in this profession. This is a vital benefit of this profession. These are the expected benefits of Forex trading. Try to read out this article and make your decisions sensibly. Hopefully, you will get the right answers toall your questions.

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