Insured’s Obligation To Participate In The Investigation Of The Damage

Insured's Obligation To Participate In The Investigation Of The Damage


When the insured has applied for insurance benefits, he or she must take part in the settlement of the damage event. He shall provide the insurance company with such documents and information as are necessary to determine the liability of the insurer and may reasonably be required of him.

It is also necessary to take into account the insurer’s ability to obtain a clarification. In general, insurance companies have their own specialists and staff who are in charge of clearing and assessing the damage done. The insurer must also advise the applicant for compensation as to what information the applicant is required to obtain.

It must be possible to find out whether the insurance event has occurred, how much damage it is and whatsoever else. For example, both keys in a stolen wheel lock may be stolen, or a broken item may be requested.

The clearing obligation also applies to the applicant’s disadvantages.

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