Key Roles of a Company Secretary Service Singapore

Company Secretary Service Singapore


A company secretary’s role in an organization is very important. He is needed right from the incorporation of a company.

This is a unique position because a company secretary is not a part of the board and he isn’t a part of the management also. His role is that of an advisor on important and decisive matters.

The skillset that a company secretary possesses is wide. It includes law, finance, administration, governance, and secretarial practice.

A company recruits a certified company secretary service Singapore to handle the legal aspects involved in the firm. A company secretary ensures compliance with all statutory requirements.


As an advisor: A CS plays the role of an advisor to the Board of Directors of the company. The decisions are taken on the Board only after his consultation. So more than the directors his role is important as he is a factor influencing decisions.

Liaising officer: A lot of liaising work is involved with external parties during the working of an organization. It may be with lawyers, bankers, shareholders, or tax advisors. He acts on behalf of the company.

Attends board meetings:  The CS  attends the board meetings and takes note of the minutes of the meeting of directors.

Share transactions:  All legal requirements with respect to the issue of shares, and arranging dividend payments are done by the company secretary. He should also ensure compliance with securities market standards for shares listed.

What are the skills needed?

Analytical skills: There are a number of situations that may arise in the working of a company based on the external financial environment. A CS must be able to take analyzed decisions that will not affect the company. This role involves his participation daily.

IT skills: Everything is automated and so is the need for knowledge of IT in everyday functioning.

Management skills: Management involves managing the manpower of the company. A CS should have good organizational skills to manage the workforce into teams so that the operations of the company are carried out effectively.

Legal knowledge: This is the main skill required of a company secretary. All business needs to be conducted according to the law of the state. So every activity must be scrutinized so that there is no defiance of the law. He should have adequate knowledge of all the legal requirements.

Communication skills: Another important skill is the knowledge of effective communication. Presenting a point across and winning over is necessary for negotiations. This can be achieved with the good communication skills of a CS.

In addition to the above, he should have time management skills and also the ability to mediate in times of crisis. He should also be able to work under pressure.

All the above indicate the importance of the role of a CS in a company.

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