Lingerie Business is Not a small business anymore

Lingerie Business


With comfort, diversity getting mainstream, the lingerie and undergarments business has undergone a radical change with regards to its development and evolved customer base. No longer considered as an intimate product, lingerie isn’t a small business anymore!

Diversity is the new key

Lingerie was previously catered to a specific class, but with the new found awareness of women, many present and new brands are keeping diversity as their focus to target customers of all classes.

The secret of Victoria’s Secret doesn’t seem to work anymore as the pioneer noticed a major decline in its sale, however it serves as a perfect example, that there isn’t any specific strategy for this business to work and start relevant. All you need to do is be different.

More and more companies are emerging with the aim to provide a diverse range of options with regards to shapes, designs, sizes and colours. The shift in the taste of consumers has affected the global market on a big scale.

After 2018, there has been a 14 percent growth in wireless and lined bras. The world is a fertile market for lingerie. With several national and international markets paving their way into it, they battle each other to enhance their market share. And if you stand out in the competition then you are bound to make your place in the market.


Sustainable is attainable

Sustainability isn’t something new but its importance in the lingerie market hasn’t ever been profound. Nowadays consumers are concerned about what they bring home. They choose for eco-friendly and responsible brands. Be it any sexy lingerie wholesale product, they want breathable fabrics.

Those companies that have focused on sustainability have seen good growth in their business. However, price has always been a point of consideration with sustainable products. This area hasn’t fully been explored and holds great opportunity for new entrants. At present sustainable lingerie adds only 2.4 percent of sustainable clothing.

Go for all sizes

One thing which takes your lingerie business to great heights is inclusion of all sizes. Previously plus size women were overlooked by the fashion industry. But with social media and awareness, a huge prospect is seen in the lingerie market.

There is a big gap in the market for sizes in the lingerie category and with companies filling this gap, you could witness a great business. Developing a brand that offers the right fit and size to all women will give you a boost in your business.

The feelingirldress reviews suggest that the online store has the best lingerie collection for all sizes and shapes of women.


With comfort being the top priority of customers nowadays, shapewear has made its way. It is a booming market for women dealing with weight issues. Because of its slimming abilities, shapewear has been adopted by brands. It caters to different needs of different customers. Right from wholesale waist trainer, control slips, high-waist panties, camisoles, you have a huge range of options to include in your product list to grow your business.

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