Motor Insurance Is Compulsory – Supervision And Consequences Of Negligence

Motor Insurance Is Compulsory - Supervision And Consequences Of Negligence


Motor insurance is compulsory for motor vehicles used in traffic. To the owner of a motor vehicle imported for temporary use, the Finnish Motor Insurers’ Center has a limited liability insurance. Motor liability insurance is generally compensated for personal injury and damage to property caused by a traffic accident.

Failure to comply with the Traffic Insurance Center

A motor vehicle owner who did not have a motor liability insurance for a vehicle, even if he should have been, is obliged to perform a credit equivalent to a maximum of four times the average of the insurance premiums specified in each case by the National Insurance Institute in each case. If the accident has occurred and the insurance can not have been, the amount of the credit can not exceed ten times the average premium Range Rover Evoque Personal Lease.

Surveillance of the existence of motor insurance is of a prior nature. The owner of a vehicle is not able to report until the vehicle is covered by a motor insurance. The policyholder is chosen by the insurance company itself. The timeliness of motor insurance is also monitored in a periodic survey.

There is usually no motor insurance in the vehicle that has been discharged

There is no motor liability insurance for a vehicle that has been removed from traffic. A vehicle that has been discontinued in traffic mode will be notified to the Traffic Safety Center, which will determine the credit. In general, motor insurance does not end entirely with the removal of vehicle traffic, but the termination of the insurance must be done separately for your own insurance company. If the vehicle is not intended to be put into service again, it is advisable to make a final removal.

Customer’s right to receive information about motor insurance

The policyholder is entitled to receive a certificate from the insuring insurance company about the period of validity of its motor insurance, the vehicles covered and the damages for which the insurance has been paid. The certificate must be given to the policyholder or, at his request, provided to another insurance company within 15 days of the submission of the request. For more visit Range Rover Evoque Secondhand Car.

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