Personal Loan- Situations When It Can Be Helpful and Mistakes to Avoid While Taking It

Personal Loan


In order to avail a personal loan, a borrower doesn’t have to provide any collateral. Therefore, many people borrow personal loan for various reasons. However, there are a few crucial things that a person needs to keep in mind while taking a personal loan.

Read this article to know the situations when a personal loan can be a good option and understand the mistakes to avoid while borrowing it.

A personal loan is a great option to pay for emergency expenses. A borrower isn’t required to keep any collateral to avail a personal loan. Furthermore, availing it doesn’t require a lot of effort. Also, it can be borrowed for various reasons. A borrower can use the funds for any purpose. These are a few reasons why personal loans are preferred by many people.

Situations When a Personal Loan Can Be Beneficial

  • To Pay for a Medical Emergency

In case of a medical emergency, a personal loan can be extremely beneficial. It is of utmost importance that every person has health insurance. However, people who don’t have a health insurance plan can pay for medical expenses with the help of a personal loan. Furthermore, the loan amount can get disbursed quickly. Therefore, a personal loan can provide quick financial assistance if there is a medical emergency.

  • To Fund Home Renovation

In order to renovate or repair a house, a person can take a personal loan. Furthermore, a personal loan is a better alternative than a home loan in order to renovate a house. This is because, if a person takes a home loan, then he/she must keep his/her house as collateral. However, a borrower isn’t required to provide any collateral if he/she is availing a personal loan.

  • To Pay for a Vacation

Taking a vacation might require a significant amount of money. Not everyone can afford it from savings alone. However, with the help of a personal loan, the borrower can fund his/her vacation.

  • To Fund a Wedding

Funding a wedding ceremony can be expensive. However, a person can borrow a personal loan to pay for the expenses.

Mistakes to Avoid While Availing a Personal Loan

  • Not Paying Attention to Repayment Capacity

While applying for a personal loan, a person must consider his/her repayment capacity. The borrower needs to consider other financial expenses as well as repay the loan. If a borrower fails to repay timely EMIs, then his/her credit history might get affected.

  • Not Comparing Loan Options

Borrowing a loan without comparing various loan options might not be wise. A borrower must compare the options by considering factors like loan disbursal time, tenure, interest rate, loan amount, etc.

  • Choosing a Longer Loan Tenure

It is recommended to repay the loan as quickly as possible. This is because, with a long tenure, a person can pay low EMIs, but the loan might cost more. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to borrow a personal loan that has a short repayment tenure.

Personal loans can be extremely beneficial in many situations. Therefore, keep these aforementioned points in mind while borrowing a personal loan.

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