Recharging Your Prepaid Network, Now On Your Fingertips

Recharging Your Prepaid Network, Now On Your Fingertips


Gone are the days, when a postmaster would hand over the telephone bills to us on a monthly basis; and all sufficed the same. It’s not too old a tale when the recharge centers were overcrowded. It was a confusing process. You provided your phone number and the operator recharged your device. Another way was to buy top-up cards. The top-up cards had hidden codes which revealed itself after you have had scratched the layer. Running USSD codes and facing other complications, were just phases of life. With the advancement of technology, we were gifted with the internet. It has changed our lives so much. We do not have to worry about calling the operator again and again. We do not have to worry about invalidating the USSD codes. We do not have to worry about recharging into someone else’s number due to miscommunication.

Most of us are Airtel users. It is probably the most widely used cellular networks in India. Making an airtel prepaid recharge hasn’t been any easier than it is now. We have the power of the internet and securities regarding our financial assets online. People still hesitate to use their debit or credit cards online, fearing fraud and losing money. With the boom in e-commerce platforms and digital wallets, it has become safer than ever to trust a few names like Paytm, Free-charge, mobikwik, Payzapp etc. Recharging your airtel prepaid number is easy now. While using these apps we can follow the steps below.

  1. Download the app from Google play store or Apple app store.
  2. Register your phone number and other details.
  3. Complete the E-KYC for maximizing fund limits.
  4. Add money to the e-wallet.
  5. Click on the recharge section.
  6. Enter the mobile number.
  7. Select Operator, Area and the Amount.
  8. Proceed to pay.
  9. The amount entered is deducted from your e-wallet and the prepaid recharge is successful.
  10. There is a confirmation that your transaction was successful.

This is hassle-free and less confusing. Recharging your Airtel PrepaidRecharge using e-wallets and platforms is really easy. If we have the technology with us, we must make sure that we are using it to the fullest. It is so secure that some of these platforms like paytm, mobikwik and phonepeprovide biometric protection. You can secure your wallet with your fingerprint. However, the smartphone you are using should have the feature to support biometric protection.

We can download all these apps free of cost. They do not have service charges. They are safe and secure. Using these apps, you will soon realize it is easy to understand and operate. You can also download my airtel app for tracking the usage. You could also do your airtel prepaid recharge with the app. Airtel prepaid recharge has never been this easy and smooth. It is worth trying and you will soon fall in love with the experience.

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