Term Insurance Guide for Young Professionals

Term Insurance Guide


Imagine living in a society where you might be able to purchase a product that could take your position. Okay, not exactly you, that would be a little foolish. What if, however, you possessed a copy of yourself that was able to work and earn like you? Would you not seize the chance? Or perhaps you might pay a yearly fee to keep this person? You most likely would. And a product called term insurance accomplishes exactly that. It is a copy of your finances that comes to life when you pass away.

What is Term Insurance

Term plans are only life insurance policies that provide protection for a predetermined period of time. The nominee receives the sum assured payout in the terrible event that the policyholder passes away during the policy term. Term plans give policyholders the ability to safeguard their family’s financial security, no matter what the future holds. High coverage is provided by these plans at affordable costs. For instance, a healthy man between 25 to 27 years can pay just a small amount of Rs. 20-30 per day for a term plan that offers Rs. 1 crore coverage for 30 years. 

Benefits of Term Insurance

The following are the key benefits of having term life insurance.

Cost-effective and Low-premium

A term plan is less expensive than a whole life insurance policy. In comparison to a traditional insurance policy, a term plan has a reduced premium. When you are a young professional, it is suitable to buy term insurance coverage because it won’t significantly affect your budget and will provide you great peace of mind because you are protecting your loved ones.

Flexible Schedules

Young people find term plans to be the best because of their flexibility. Simply discontinue paying the premiums on a term insurance policy if you want to cancel it. You no longer receive any benefits and the coverage expires. However, you may always extend your term plan.

Riders for term insurance

A rider called “critical illness cover” enables you to get a predetermined sum of money if you have been given a critical illness diagnosis of any sort.

Waiver of Premium

If you haven’t paid your term insurance payment, this rider might assist you safeguard your coverage. Financial hardship or a job loss might be the cause of non-payment. This rider may be chosen by a young individual who works in the gig economy or in an unsteady financial situation.

Accidental Death Benefit

The nominee will get both the sum guaranteed and the additional amount in the event that the policyholder dies in an accident.

Rider for Disability

This rider provides assistance in the event that an accident renders the policyholder permanently disabled.

Return of premium

If the insured survives the policy’s term, this rider enables them to receive their premium back. In a term insurance policy, there are no benefits if the insured lives past the term. But with this rider, the policyholder receives a refund of the premiums paid during that time.

The benefits of purchasing term insurance early in life

The following are the key reasons one should take term insurance as early as possible.

Reduced premiums

For young people, the term insurance premium is significantly cheaper. As you become older, it’s more probable that you’ll develop health issues, which will raise the price of your premiums. Therefore, you can save more money over time by buying a term plan sooner rather than later. When you are young, your odds of being denied insurance are quite low.


Term plans provide you with the choice to increase your life insurance coverage at significant life events like marriage and the birth of your first or second child, depending on your changing circumstances.

Tax advantages

Term plans provide benefits right now as well. Sections 80C, 80D, and 10(10D) of the Income Tax Act of 1961 allow you to receive tax benefits.


Term insurance purchasing is an important financial choice that needs to be made as early as feasible in life. In cases of terminal illness, you receive a full claim payout, and in cases of permanent disability, your premiums are waived. There are 34 different ailments covered by the optional critical illness policy, including renal problems, cancer, and stroke. This can help you during difficult times. Benefits for permanent disability and terminal illness are also included in it. Many renowned insurance companies are providing excellent term insurance plans today.

Firms like Aditya Birla Sun Life Insurance offer a variety of options, including term insurance, among others. Term insurance contracts may be purchased online. Additionally, you have the choice to increase coverage through child support, accidental complete and permanent disability, or accidental death benefit. Other riders are also available to expand the scope of your term plan. 

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