The four innovations in commercial printing that you have to discover

The four innovations in commercial printing that you have to discover


Welcome to 2019 where a lot of technological innovations are already introduced in the market, and the commercial printing industry is no short of it.

As the years passed by, the demands of people who are searching for quality printing materials have also increased which is why the majority of the leading brands in the commercial printing industry have stepped up to provide a better and more advanced equipment and machinery to provide faster and more efficient printing capabilities.

Because of these new innovations in the printing industry, it also opened plenty of ideas and some printing innovations that will soon be introduced and tested this year like the new trends such as the water-based printing, along with the application of nanotechnology printing which is called nanography, and also the rivalry between the offset and digital printing on both fabric and other printing materials which are one of the most notable printing innovations.

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  1. Nanotechnology for printing– Israel, also known as the Silicon Valley of the Middle East have introduced numerous major innovations in printing. In 2018 in Tel Aviv, the application of nanotechnology was introduced for printing. In fact, nanotechnology for printing is considered to be the most innovative this year because nanotechnology in the first place is the application to manipulate and alter the materials at the atomic and molecular level from scale one to 100 nanometers. In printing, these materials that are altered on this scale acquire a lot of special features which goes for pigments as well. Using the inkjet printing process, the indirect pinning and the drying of ink on blankets results to an extremely bright colors which manage to combine both flexibility and cost-effectiveness in a shorter set-up and manufacturing times while maintaining great quality for offset printing.
  2. The trend between digital and offset printing– The digital evolution of the printing press machines both provide an innovation for both digital and offset printing which makes its way to become the top trend for 2019 because of its ability to quickly evolve to print faster, more efficient, and better quality printed products.
  3. Water-based printing– Aside from nanotechnology in printing, there are also a development for water-based printing and it is a field that has already attracted a huge following and interest especially for its planned application for large-format rigidness of the media. Thanks to the water-based inks, it is completely possible nowadays to print on rigid media at the same time maintain the superb color brightness and vibrancy of the materials.
  4. Fabric printing– A lot of printing and tech experts have already evaluated the fabric printing and looking closely at the technological platforms that are available. The digital fabric printing has opened a lot of new ideas for architects as well as interior designers which offer an infinite possibility for the custom furnishings of their products and projects. It can also be used to print clothing design and manufacture gifts and items which you can get from this link

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