Types Of Apron Every Restaurant Must Invest In

Restaurant Must Invest In


Clothes are essential in all aspects of our lives. They add to our functionality and make us look pretty. Sometimes certain professions opt to wear a  particular outfit for specific work. This is because that outfit has been so designed to help them perform the task more efficiently.

From firefighters to chefs, many professions have clothing designed specifically for their on-duty activities. This is to help carry around all the necessary equipment to complete their task.

The kitchen and food service industry has much small business that is required or can be required at any given moment. From the team working in the kitchen to the team managing the tables outside, each of their uniforms can help them serve better. The only question is, what are you picking the right design for your purpose?

Waiters serving the customers know that sometimes one needs to go to an extreme extent to impress some of the more demanding customers. But it is your duty to serve them, and serve them to your best ability. The right kind of apron can help you manage the floor better. Some of the different types of aprons have been mentioned below. Please read them to understand which particular type can serve you the best. See more chefs aprons here.

Waist and server aprons:

These aprons are specifically short aprons that do not cover the upper portion of the body and are wrapped around the waist.

The servers are most suited to this apron. So are the waiters or the head waiter himself. The short length helps with the movements. They have to be quick on their feet. These aprons are designed with additional pockets to make sure the servers can increase their efficiency. The pockets can be used to carry pen and order books to straws and cutlery, which are very frequent asks in a restaurant. These aprons can be further washed in a washing machine using cold water, making them easier to maintain. See more chefs aprons here.

Bistro aprons

Bistro aprons, too, do not tend to cover the upper portions of the body. But it is to be noted that these aprons are longer in length and tend to cover and fall over the pants. There are ample seized pockets so that it may contain any tools that are required by the server or the customer at any moment, and so can be made available to him in the shortest time. Machine washing these aprons in cold water is a good idea. The machine can be helpful in removing any stains.  See more chefs aprons here.

4-way apron

This apron is particularly for those staff who are super busy and may find it difficult to wash their aprons on a very frequent basis. This type of apron has four layers; thus, it can be used by the staff multiple times. The layers can be simply switched. Thus if the one layer becomes stained, you can simply flip over the layer and walk out again as if in a new apron. This design has proved to be a very smart advantage. Because a server may encounter stains many times throughout the day. This is especially helpful for the kitchen staff and the staff at the back of the house. Even chefs can derive great advantage using the product. See more chefs aprons here.

Bib aprons

If you are looking for an apron which is more traditionally styled, then this a nice option. This is a longer apron and covers the front. The apron is to be tied around the waist. A loose loop is provided to be hung around the neck to make it fit better. This model is especially beneficial for chefs. The pockets can carry essential tools such as a thermometer. The full-body coverage helps to defend against spills and accidental splashes. See more chefs aprons here.

Tuxedo aprons

These are distinctive aprons. The looks have been primarily designed to cater to a very upscale crowd. It is a modified version of the bib apron. It looks great when paired with a site shirt and a bowtie, giving the server a very clean and smart look. They are ideal for special events and can impress your VIP guests. They will make your front house staff look elegant and help them stand out. see more chef aprons here.

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