Why Should You Consider a 1300/1800 Phone Number?

You Consider Phone Number


1800 + 1300 numbers Australia give the business a professional edge, making you appear larger and also enabling you to generate a recognisable number for consumers that are perfect for advertising. Another big advantage is that if you move your business your phone number always stays the same.

How Do Telephone Numbers 1300/1800 Actually Work?

The numbers 1300/1800 are ‘virtual numbers’. They basically only exists on paper and  don’t have their own distinct physical phone line, unlike ordinary landline numbers. Instead, when a caller dials a 1300 / 1800 number, the call is redirected (also often called  routed or terminated) to a regular landline phone number of your choice,or even a mobile phone number. If you own a 1300 / 1800 you can’t ‘dial-out’ from this number, which is caused by the fact that it is a virtual number. For example, this is the reason that if call centers call you, you’ll either see ‘private’ (no number) or a normal landline number in your phone’s display. They are exclusively inbound numbers: if you make a call it will still be over the regular landline on which the 1300 / 1800 number is terminated.

Termination Point

Before you order a 1300 / 1800 number, it is important to have the termination properly set up. You can terminate your incoming 1300 / 1800 calls on your existing telephone system in your office, on a cloud based telephone system, or choose a smart/cloud based telephone system that combines multiple functions such as calling, emailing and ticketing in one. The latter setup would maximise the flexibility from your 1300 number, the portability of a cloud based system and the convenience of working from anywhere, whilst this will never be noticed by the caller.

Difference Between 1300 And 1800 Phone Number

Telephone companies charge for every minute someone uses their network. The receiver (business) pays for all the 1800 numbers cost, which ensures that it is absolutely free for the caller. If they know it will not cost them anything many consumers are more likely to call a company. That’s why 1800 numbers are so common for advertising and marketing purposes!

When a consumer calls a 1300 numbers this is often a fixed price (local call cost, often untimed). The receiving business pays the difference between what the consumer was charged, and from where the caller dials in. So someone calling from Melbourne to a 1300 terminated in Sydney, pays for a local call, and the receiving business in Sydney pays the for the remaining 1300 numbers cost (interstate call costs minus local call cost).

1800 + 1300 telephone numbers often make it possible for businesses to own many separate numbers (either 1300/1800 or a mix of both) and terminate them to the same telephone line. Alternatively, you can point them to various telephone lines, program the pabx so that it can even provide separate greetings and hold messages on the same phone system for different organisations. But that all depends how you set up your termination point.

Here Are The Reasons Why EVERY Business Should Have A 1300 Or 1800 Number.

For the life of your company, you can keep the same business phone number, no matter where your business moves to.

  • At minimal 1800 numbers cost, expand the geographical reach of your company
  • For your business, they are a critical marketing instrument
  • Shows potential clients that you are not just a local organisation
  • Via more efficient monitoring, improve your marketing response
  • “Give a professional image” to your business. Phone numbers 1300 + 1800 are independent of your physical position
  • 1300 + 1800 phone numbers are transportable (if you move, take them with you)
  • Any fixed or mobile telephone can be answered
  • As they are virtual phone numbers, you do not need any additional phone lines, but run them over your existing phone lines.

There are many providers of 1300/1800 numbers that offer very competitive plans. Given the extra marketing potential you unlock, combine your 1300/1800 number with the right phone system at the termination point and the 1300 numbers cost can easily be turned into a profit centre rather than be regarded as purely costs.

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