Alternatives to Popular Tourist Destinations That Are Less Expensive!

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Who does not enjoy travelling? In this fast paced life, traveling has become the much needed respite. However, travelling can be expensive, especially if you are into luxury travel or if you are planning for a trip with your family. But you can still plan a trip within your budget by avoiding the popular tourist destinations during the peak season and opt for offbeat locations that are less expensive. You can easily avail an instant loan through a loan app to help you finance a short budget trip.

Here are some other locations you could like if you require a luxurious holiday on a tight budget that can be financed by a cash loan.

Alternatives to Popular Tourist Destinations That Will Make You and Your Pocket Happy

Explore some pocket-friendly popular tourist destination alternatives that will fulfil the thirst of the wanderer inside you.

1. Budapest, Hungary Instead of Vienna, Austria

Is the illustrious past and delectable cuisine of Vienna one of the places to visit on your bucket list? If your tight budget is stopping you from visiting this place then we have the perfect substitute for you. Budapest offers far more at a lot lower price than any of those attractions.

You may stroll through this opulent metropolis, dodging throngs of onlookers while you take in the breathtaking river vistas and venerable buildings. As a UNESCO World Heritage site, Castle Hill offers free tours, which include the 13th-century Royal Palace.

2. Visit Gothenburg Instead of Stockholm, Sweden

Owing to its charming wooden homes and cobblestone walkways, Gothenburg is a less congested and more affordable alternative to Stockholm. Visitors may also visit Lnggatorna, a contemporary street dubbed a busy “Little London,” for a more up-to-date experience.

Liseberg’s Nojespark, a theme park in the community, offers rides and a beautiful sculpture garden for guests to enjoy. Gothenburg will give you a similar feel to Stockholm without burning a hole in your pocket.

3. Visit Gambia Africa, Instead of the Canary Island

Most tourist attractions, especially the beaches heavily crowded with people making the beach resort prices skyrocket. So instead of spending your money on the beaches of the Canary Islands, you can have a similar experience by visiting the Gambia in Africa.

You may enjoy the sandy beaches and brilliantly blue ocean on your own because Bijilo Beach is still not very well known to visitors. A short drive will take you to varied animal excursions and gorgeous adventures farther into the country if you’re looking for a bit more adventure.

4. Visit Cologne, Germany, Instead of Milan, Italy

Milan, the city of art and history and the home of Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper, is a haven for artists. But the price that you have to pay to visit this city is as jaw-dropping as the architecture of this city. But instead of Milan, you can visit Cologne in Germany which has an identical feel.

This 2,000-year-old city, which is sometimes eclipsed by places like Munich and Berlin, is well-known for its extremely pale beer, Kölsch, and its spectacular High Gothic architecture. Instead of waiting in line to view the Gothic designs of Milan Cathedral in Italy, visit Cologne Cathedral, the city’s iconic landmark, which is nearly 150 feet taller and as beautiful.

5. Visit Montreal, Quebec Instead of Paris, France

Wishing you could order your favourite delicacies in French while strolling the streets of Paris? You’re not alone, but you don’t have to go across countries to experience real French culture.

Montreal is a Canadian city, but it has a strong traditional European culture, and its twisting cobblestone streets are the ideal site to sate your wanderlust. There are plenty of cafés and patisseries along the main streets, so you don’t need to buy an expensive flight to France to sample exquisite meals.

6. Visit Perth, Australia Instead of Sydney

While Sydney may seem very tempting to you, well, obviously, it will because it has the magnificent Opera House, which is famous all over the world. But apart from that, is it worth spending so much money? Honestly, apart from the opera house, you can get better things at a much lower cost in Perth. You’ll find plenty of food, adventure, and fun if you can live without those white sails.

You can spend your days on the beach or take in the city skyline at night. You can see sea lions and penguins while snorkelling in Shoalwater Islands Marine Park, which is surprisingly inexpensive. Perth is a fantastic area to base oneself if you plan to travel beyond. Also, do not miss activities including wine tours and stargazing in the Pinnacle Desert.


In conclusion, you do not have to spend big to explore the world. With smart financing and planning you can still visit some of the most beautiful places on a budget. Availing a cash loan for your travel aspirations can be a wise idea, if you are able to repay the loan amount within a short tenure. It helps you build a strong credit profile; establish a rapport with the lender while giving you the financial freedom to enjoy your trip!

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