Comparison Between Digital Advertising and Traditional Advertising

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If you are running any business, whenever you are paying for advertising your business, you will always like to ensure that all your money is spent well. Especially if you are a small business owner then every single dollar that is spent on your advertising will count.

With so many different options available these days to advertise your business, which one will you prefer?

Many people think that nowadays traditional advertising makes no sense any more, while a few others consider that is the best way to reach customers. Digital advertising on the other hand offers more control, but if you are not experienced enough you may not be very successful.

In this article, we shall extend this argument by identifying a few pros and cons of both the choices and readers are free to decide which approach they must adopt.

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During the ‘80s and ‘90s, there was no internet and advertising was only possible through posters, newspapers, banners, billboards, brochures, and vehicle wraps, etc. TV and radio advertisements were also used by a few bigger companies.

Although today the internet has become a dominating platform for advertising, however, traditional advertising is still relevant.

The following are a few pros and cons of traditional advertising:


1. It can target the largest viewers

Any TV/radio advertisement can reach a large number of audiences irrespective of their demography. Generally, such advertisements are shown during any popular programs.

2. Creates a brand awareness

Since this kind of advertisement in TV/radio appears several times regularly hence it can hammer in the mind of viewers/listeners and they get familiar with the brand.

3. People can remember

Due to repeated exposure of such kind of advertisement people tend to remember the name of the brand whether they use the product or not.


1. People often ignore

Since most of these advertisements may not be relevant to the listeners or viewers and hence people tend to ignore the advertisement and often get bored.

2. TV/radio advertising is very expensive

The cost of advertising in this platform only for a few seconds can cost a huge amount of money and usually, it is beyond the budget of any small businessman.

3. Not measurable

There is no means available for an advertiser to know how many people were really influenced by the advertisement.

4. Not targeted

Such advertisements are for the general masses and do not target any specific section of people based on their location, age, interest, etc.

5. One-way communication

The viewers or listeners cannot react to the advertiser but it keeps on delivering the message.


This is today’s advertising communication that uses all possible paid digital channels like websites, online directories, blogs, articles, social media, community forums, etc. This form of advertisement can attract and create awareness among the potential audience and then convert them digitally into customers.

Digital advertising has become quite important in the last couple of years since most people these days spend their maximum time on the internet.

The following are a few pros and cons of digital advertising:


1. An affordable way to advertise

Digital advertising is affordable for even small businesses.

2. You can target your audience

Advertisers can easily choose their target audience.

3. You can track its performance

Advertisers can always track how each of their advertisement generating prospects.

4. Can be easily shared

Such advertisements can be easily shared with a click of a mouse.

5. Helps to create your online brand

It is a very effective way to create an online brand.

6. You can compete with bigger companies

It offers a level playing field for all companies.


1. It keeps on evolving

The advertisement methods and results may constantly change.

2. Needs special expertise

Need deeper technical knowledge to succeed.

People these days running away from traditional media to digital media through their laptops and smartphones.

Although a few traditional media like TV and radio still continues, however, their revenue stream is seriously getting impacted as most advertisers are migrating to digital media. Now, as a marketer, you are free to choose your platform according to your budget.

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