Don’t Be Just Emotional While Finding Your Business Name

Don't Be Just Emotional While Finding Your Business Name


When it comes to naming their business, people often commit blunders which never let their business gain popularity in the sea of a million fishes. To avoid mediocrity and gain popularity, follow these simple steps which will help you name your company right.

A meaningful tandem.

Naming your company should be a decision backed by both logic and emotion. You can list down the possible names of your company yourselves, with your co-workers, family members or you can take help from many business name generators online, but you should know what you seek.

You should know that when we talk about being emotional while naming your company, it’s not meant that you should be an emotional fool. Instead, being emotional means going with your gut feelings, only if your feelings are rational and backed by logic.

Now you might be thinking that how can one sound logical along with being emotional? Well, one can.

Logical here relates to some of the tips listed below which you should follow:

  • While being emotional, you may choose a personalized name which well relates to you and your personal life, but it should be kept in mind that it will be irrelevant to your potential clients.
  • Testing your name for search engine optimization is an integral part of being logical with the name you choose. Your brand name should be SEO friendly so that it can be found easily online.
  • The third thing to look out logically while naming your company is how will you sound saying it aloud in the public? Of course, you should take pride in introducing your company in public environments or when someone calls you, but a rational name can help you get that confidence a level up.

How To Choose a Business Name Easily?

Here is a point to point guide for choosing a company name easily:

  • Decide what you want to brand.

When you decide to name your company, you need to think of what you have to offer to your potential and active customers. The kind of service you offer or the nature of your service (e.g. instant) should be a base for naming your company.

  • Avoid generic names.

At the start of your business, you may offer only one kind of service, but who knows if you keep up the hard work, your business will create a sonic boom? Then you will be adding more feathers to your cap or more services/products under your company’s name. At this stage, if you have a generic name, you will find difficulty rebranding it or even worse, making customers believe you offer other things too.

  • Brainstorm.

You should either list down the names you like or you can take help from an online business name generator. These brand naming agencies segregate some of the best names for your business after researching your target audience for what they like and dislike.

  • Checking for trademark issues.

When you hire a branding agency, or even yourself to find a creative name for your company, a list of reasonable names is composed. Post listing down names, the names should be tallied with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for copyright issues. This will avoid hiring a hefty lawsuit in the future.

  • SEO.

While naming a company is an emotional and logical task, it’s also a technical one. Will your name be aided by search engine optimization? Will your potential customer find you easily on the web? Or will they give up after going through three full result pages? All these things should be considered and then you should name your company with a name that facilitates easy search engine optimization.

Why do bad company names hurt?

A company named in full emotional state, with a load of generic-ness will have to suffer a bad brand image, nine out of ten times. If you want to know why a bad company name will hurt you, here is a list:

  • Inaccuracy

When your name is a generic one and too confusing, what else will you expect from your potential clients apart from sending their queries to the wrong e-mail address? And seeing a contract coming your way, making its way to your competitor because a client couldn’t differentiate between the two names, is frustrating.

  • Customer’s intolerance

It will be a situation full of frustration for your customers when they punch in your name and add dot com at the end and land at a totally different digital space. So you need to choose a name that is unique, easy to spell and goes well with your domain name. Situations like these will draw your customers away, causing a lack of revenues.

  • Ineffective marketing

When you name your company with a misleading and complex name, every marketing strategy you choose will preferably fail. This is because your potential clients will stay confused about your main motive and will choose to discontinue their interest in you.

 These were some of the consequences of choosing a bad company name, if you don’t want to go through these, you should follow all the steps above these consequences to avoid the hefty costing rebranding process.

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