Claimants of car accidents often wonder how long a claim would take from beginning to end. A lawsuit for an injury can take a couple of months to a couple of years based on the situation. While many people want to move as quickly as possible over the accident, taking extra time on a case will make a difference in the outcome and healing of a patient. The Car Accident Lawyer in Lake Charles helps in getting better outcomes in less time.

In a matter of months, most cases that are transparent and strong on the issue of liability will be settled. This is particularly true when the argument includes clear and objective proof of health injury. Other claims, however, may take years to settle and may require a Car Accident Lawyer in Lake Charles to be threatened or intimidated before there is any forward traction in the case. Some cases go unsettled for forever.

One of the most controversial issues involved in a case involving a car crash is the extent of loss reported. If the harm amount is relatively low, the insurance company can agree to dispose of the lawsuit immediately and within a matter of a few months, an individual may have the case resolved. If the insurance company does not think the medical bills support the accident scientifically, it may not settle the case without further review, which may prolong the payout process. For example, insurance adjusters may be skeptical of claims based on soft tissue injuries that are mainly supported by reports from physicians.

The nature of the insurance company may have a dramatic impact on when the insurance company pays. Several major carriers may have a traditional compensation approach and may offer lower settlements than others. Many of these categories of insurance companies have their legal firm or lawyer for protection. ⠀

If an adjuster of claimants has a particularly large number of cases to deal with, it may take longer for the claimant to accept a settlement offer. The administrative claims process used by the insurance company is another aspect that can influence the directness of an agreement. Some insurance companies may require review and supervisory approval by multiple parties if the claim exceeds a certain value.

Accident-specific circumstances may affect the timing of a potential offer for settlement. For example, due to the nature of the incident or the parties involved, liability may not be as clear. One car might have stopped suddenly due to a truck swerving in front of it, allowing a third party to smash into the stationary vehicle.

A governmental entity may be liable for lack of a proper sign or traffic light that is malfunctioning. The perpetrator may have added to his injury. When a claims adjuster is in question, it may initially deny the claim or take more time to investigate it thoroughly.

Another situation can occur when the case of a car accident is not well known. The insurance adjuster can lack enough documentation to conclude the lawsuit, such as medical reports on the victim’s injury, police report on the incident, or liability-related facts. Even though many personal injury Car Accident Lawyer in Lake Charles resolve many claims before going to trial, there may be reasons that your lawyer may not yet choose to negotiate, and the insurance company has not raised the issue.

For instance, if you’re still receiving medical treatment and the attorney may want to postpone until all the payments are in and it’s clear if you’re going to need ongoing medical therapy. For a fact, the lawyer may want to try to see if the accident could impair your future so that for some purpose, he or she can ask for additional costs.

A time frame for a car accident claim can vary widely from case to case. Speak to Car Accident Lawyer in Lake Charles to assess a claim’s timing and potential outcomes before agreeing to consider a timely settlement offer. The settlement and payment resulting from a well-negotiated case that better support the cycle of economic, physical, and psychological rehabilitation.

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