Paying all home utility bills is a matter of few clicks now

Paying all home utility bills


From online shopping to paying all the utility bills online, everything is just a click away from being done. These facilities are available through online payment portalssuch as Airtel Payments Bank, Paytm, etc.and can be easily done through smartphones, laptops or tablets.

  1. Online electricity bill – Electricity is one of the most frequently used commodities in our houses. With the appliances running on this resource, there is the monthly cost, which is supposed to be paid by a particular date mentioned on the bill. Though many of us have already started paying electricity bill online in just a few clicks, platforms such as Airtel Payments Bank make it more profitable by giving flat Rs. 50 cashback when we pay the electricity bill through this platform. Isn’t that amazing?
  1. Online mobile bill – You can also pay the mobile bill for you and your family in a few minutes through the online portal. You can also do online recharge with networks such as Airtel irrespective of the network you use and not to forget the attractive offers available from time-to-time.
  1. Real time bills– Going cashless is in fashion nowadays; all thanks to the online facilities, which can be used to pay money digitally. From the simple grocery shops to five-star restaurants, all the places are transforming to a digital platform and offer simple QR codes or account details, which will enable you to shop, eat, relax and enjoy without the tension of carrying cash. Even your other essential utilities including water, gas, landline – all can be paid through online platforms.

Only one thing to remember is to choose a reliable and technically strong platform, for example, Airtel Payments Bank, which ensures fast, convenient and more importantly secured transactions. Here you can pay for not only all your utility bills but also travel bookings, FASTag, DTH, Broadband, to name a few things.  You can also complete the payment for your insurance and send money to your contacts as well.

In short, the modern payment platforms are taking care of all your requirements and platforms such as Airtel Payments Bank go an extra mile to ensure utmost convenience to the users under oneroof. These payment wallets aim at bringing convenience to your fingertips. You can complete all payments within minutes at any time without stepping out of your home or even while you are travelling.

Though these platforms follow stringent confidentiality guidelines and data security measures, to ensure additional security of your information, avoid paying through public computers or the mobile phones of people you are not very familiar to. It often happens that on feeding information on someone else’s devices, their system saves it, and this can cause harm to your account balance. In addition, you must ensure that you have secure environment software installed on your phone to avoid any kind of spyware or malware from entering it and extracting information from it. With some of these precautions in mind, you will be able to enjoy the convenience of online bill payment in the within seconds.

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