How to Become a Better Web Designer

Better Web Designer


Websites are now the type of “store” that attractthe most customers. We are talking about ecommerce, of course, and the recent figures which seem to reflect that more people now purchase online compared to in-store.

Given that ecommerce websites are the websites that have the most funding (they are often the front doors of multi-million-dollar businesses), this has made the discipline of website design even more valuable. Add to this the fact that private individuals set up websites all the time, and it’s clear that this is one industry that is only growing.

Accordingly, website design is high on the list of priorities of any ecommerce business. In fact, it isnearly always a major part of the budget – and it couldn’t be more important. Avital concept in web design is bounce rate,which is the rate of visitors who click away from a site without exploring it further than the landing page.

A high bounce rate is of course not good for a business and it’s largely up to the web designers to fix that. Azola Creative, a company offering website design services, say that this is very often the specific problem that clients come to them with.

Who Are the Web Designers?

Given that the website has attained such an economic importance in recent times, it’s clear that every ecommerce business wants to hire the top experts to create their site. This normally means investing in the services of a web design company. But it also means that many business owners and amateurs are learning the art of web design themselves.

This isn’t always because they want to design their website alone, but because becoming knowledgeable about what web design involves is pretty necessary if an informed choice is going to made between competing web design services.

But then, a basic website really isn’t beyond the skills of amateur. And while a basic website might be insufficient, you might be surprised by how far basic knowledge can take you. You will be able to make edits, understand what changes need to be made, and appraise the work of any professionals you hire.

Becoming a Better Web Designer

So, can you learn to do it yourself? Yes! Here are some tips to get you started:

Avoid “Loud” Color Schemes

This is just a rule of modern website aesthetics. It’s dictated primarily by fashion, but it is a stiff rule and hard one to break successfully. Generally, a hectic color scheme suggests confusion, not the impression you want to give to any first-time visitor.

Make Images a Priority

Or, more specifically, the quality of your images. There are two issues here. Firstly, fuzzy or pixilated images in low resolution just scream amateur, so you needto get high quality images. Be sure though to compress them when adding them to the websiteor they could end up slowing the website’s responsiveness.

Learn Some Elementary SEO

SEO is a whole other discipline, one that’s very complex and certainly has its field of experts. Nevertheless, the elementary skills can already take you a long way. Research keywords and bear in mind that the most relevant ones will change. Then, add them to text posts without keywordstuffing.

Keep Typography Consistent

More generally, aesthetic and brand consistency areimportant. Keeping typography consistent across all pages is an important aesthetic rule that you should certainly follow. Better yet, create a “house style” for both the presentation of text and how it is written.

You might not become a web design expert, but in an economy dominated by websites, it is very wise to at least become an amateur.

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