The Best Credit Cards in Malaysia

The Best Credit Cards in Malaysia


Credit cards aren’t just tools that’ll allow you to buy the stuff you want now and pay for it later. Many credit card companies and banking institutions make sure their customers stay loyal and satisfied by providing excellent rewards whenever their merchandise and services are used. There are now multiple records of numerous people in Malaysia and around the world who use the points gathered from using their credit cards to travel and enjoy other bonuses.

With that in mind, if you’re thinking about applying for a credit card, it’s important to do comparison of malaysia credit cards first. With different credit cards to choose from, it might be difficult for an interested first-time credit card holder to choose which card is the right one for them. We’re here to help you out in that regard as we take a look at some of the best credit cards in Malaysia.

Maybank 2 Cards Premier AMEX

The Maybank 2 Cards Premier American Express Credit Card retains its spot as one of the best credit cards in Malaysia for many years because of a number of reasons. For starters, it allows holders to earn and redeem 1 airline mile per RM0.95, and this incentive is attainable for both local and overseas transactions. If you’re looking to getting into becoming a jet-setter, then this is the card for you. Keep in mind that you’re required to have a minimum annual income of RM120,000 before you can have the chance to get accepted for the card. Furthermore, there’s an RM800 annual fee, but that cost is waived during the first year. The annual costs can be waived if you can spend a minimum of RM80,000 per year. This credit card has perhaps the highest airline miles redemption rate you can get from domestic spending. Also, you can get other benefits such as dining privileges, free travel insurance, and free Green fees access to more than 79 golf clubs located in 15 countries.

Singapore Airlines Kris Flyer American Express® Gold

If you can’t get the Maybank 2 Cards Premier AMEX, then perhaps you might want something that’s found in a slightly lower tier. The Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer American Express┬« Gold is a medium entry credit card that only requires RM4,000 per month salary for you to qualify. Furthermore, using this card allows holders to earn as much as RM1 per 1 KrisFlyer mile. As a result, it makes itself as one of the highest miles redemption cards you can find on the Malaysian market. Another benefit of using this card include a 5-times free access to the Plaza Premium Lounge in Malaysia. However, there’s a catch to using this credit card, and that it’s only limited to earning Singapore Airline KrisFlyer miles only. Furthermore, the miles you get will automatically transfer to your KrisFlyer account. As a result, the miles will only last anywhere from 3 to 6 years only.

RHB Premier Visa Infinite

The RHB Premier Visa Infinite Credit Card has perhaps the greatest opportunity to earn miles from overseas spending because it gets you 1 Enrich Mile for every RM0.75. Aside from a large number of points you’ll be getting, you’ll also receive complimentary accesses to Plaza Premium Lounges in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, London, Taipei, and Abu Dhabi. Furthermore, you’ll also take advantage of free stays in the Hilton HHonors Gold. Perhaps the best thing about getting this credit card is that there are absolutely no credit card fees. That’s right – it’s free for life. However, you need to have a high income before you can qualify, and there are very little opportunities and bonuses for local airline spending.

HSBC Premier Travel World Master

Last but definitely not the least is the HSBC Premier Travel World Master Credit Card. To apply and qualify for this credit card, you need to have an annual income of at least RM36,000 per year. That figure is reasonably easy to achieve, but there’s a catch. First, you need to be a current HSBC Premier Account holder. Next, you need to have at least RM200,000 cumulatively in your account. Therefore, if you have no problems saving a lot of cash, then you can take all the advantages that come with this card. One benefit of getting this card is you’re going to be eligible to free room upgrades in the Asia Pacific.

Now that you’ve reached the end of this page, what’s your favorite credit card in Malaysia and why? We’d love to hear from you.

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