Why Financial Security Is Very Important

Financial Security Is Very Important


Security is about having that feeling of protection whether it’s physical, emotional, spiritual or financial. The reason why financial was mentioned last is that even if people know that it’s very important especially later on in life, it’s one of the things that doesn’t get proper attention. With so many temptations today like gadgets, cars, loans, not to mention the vices and the constant self-reward eats up everything.

If you are still young especially if you just got hired on your first job, savings doesn’t really make sense and it’s perfectly understandable, most young people are like that, what is not acceptable is if you’re in your 30s and you still don’t have financial security. People always think that financial security is about having millions, but it’s not. Even if you got just enough money to make you say that you are financially secured, like, able to support your family for many months even if you are not able to work, you are still able to pay for your vehicle or house while still supporting your family and still have savings in the end.

Why you need it: God didn’t make money, it’s a human thing, but it is what it is, the best thing that you can do is make sure that you save for the rainy days. Here’s a good example of security, take it from the ants. Aside from having a colony that follows the line all the time, the ants are also known to save food for the rainy days. They know that when the rain comes they can’t work and they can’t be productive, what do they do? Save. There will be rainy days in a man’s life and when that time comes you have to be prepared

Financially prepared is a good thing: There is this unique feeling of security when you’re financially prepared. The feeling that you don’t worry or wonder what will happen if you lose your job or if you got unexpected financial emergencies like getting hospitalized. If you’re financially prepared, you can take it without worry and with open arms. You don’t wish it, but it happens whether you like it or not.

Develop the habit: Anytime can be a good time to save, experts even advise saving 20 percent of your savings. If you are able to save more then do it, if you are able to save Less, still do it. What is important is to develop this mindset that you need to save. If you develop this habit, this mindset even, it will be easy for you to save everytime payday comes.

If you want to be financially secure, you need to realize why you need it, you need to realize that it’s a good thing for the future and more importantly develop the habit. When it comes to financial freedom, nothing beats a good old saving. If you are looking for basic savings account you should consider OCBC bank got you covered. Head on to their bank today and get started and be financially secured.

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