Top Security Guard Responsibilities

Top Security Guard Responsibilities


The security guards keep an eye on the entrance and exit to the building at all times and check for any people or pets entering and exiting. Security guards are not permitted inside any open rooms during openings and closing. However, security guards are permitted inside the security checkpoint, which requires a temporary pass from our management office. Sometimes very necessary, a security guard may be allowed to bear firearms, but even this option is a tough choice until you have considered how to buy Ak 47 from Palmetto State Armory online.

Depending on the shift, employees may have duties such as checking tickets and wristbands or reporting on the exits to security. Employees are required to exercise good judgment while working and use common sense while on the job.

The following are the primary security guard responsibilities:

Screening all passengers for proper identification, carry luggage through a security check, and leave before check-in time.

Assisting when needed in screening passengers for improper identification or screening through door screening.

Utilizing hands-free technology such as a handheld mobile device for quick access to the control panel.

Helping customers find the correct seat and assist when needed.

Informing customers of flight delays and miscellaneous flight information.

Providing a friendly passenger experience by providing up-to-date information on the status of the aircraft.

It is also recommended that your Company enter into a contract with a service provider.

Perform daily duties as needed.

Complete duty report upon completion of 30 hours of any type of security-related training.

Maintain, supervise and update valid orders, reports, and employees’ records.

Assist in maintaining a safe and secure office space.

Identify and respond to all security incidents and calls related to security of WPD.

Acquire knowledge and tools necessary to perform assigned duties.

Maintain a formal schedule for attendance at work, meetings and training activities.

Understand established policies for day to day security activities.

Maintain strong focus on the mission.

Working Environment:

WPD has an entrepreneurial culture with challenging and rewarding career opportunities.

Factors to Consider When Finding a Security Guard

The only qualified security guard may be provided if both of the following conditions are met:

Security guard provides thorough instructions to clients about the prohibition against taking photographs or filming of the premises. This includes having a discussion with the client concerning the right to observe the photos/films, and requiring those individuals who have a view of the area to turn off their cameras. Guards shall ensure that all persons who have a view of the area leave their cameras turned off.

Top Security Guard Responsibilities Include

Ensure access of all stage areas.

Ensure the presence of the stage staff

Ensure the safety of stage crew and stage equipment.

Manage public relations/media responsibilities, promoting ticket sales, national tours and most TV appearances.

Regularly meeting with theater administrators and industry employees to improve business practices, performance and customer service.

Maintain personal appearance, dress code and style consistent with that of industry leaders.

Run errands including grocery shopping, fitness, playing tennis, mowing lawns.

As an officer of the firm, the security guard will serve the sole purpose of security. The security guard’s role is to protect customers’ property while obeying the law and taking care of his clients. He will not enforce rules on the basis of race, color, religion, sex or national origin. Any claims arising from his actions, from discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin or disability must be the responsibility of the employer.

you can manage your event’s security or physical security by following these guidelines:

Train, designate and supervise each security guard. At the beginning of each year, secure your venue’s door.

  • Wear a uniform; at the beginning of the year, obtain a new uniform.
  • Meet your designated security time and location.
  • Keep a record of your events security guard companies Houston TX.
  • Keep working with your staff, if needed.
  • Recall information regarding events, and make sure staff members know their scheduled times.
  • Retain the Temporary Security Center Map security guard companies Houston TX.
  • Requirements for Transporting and Restraining Guests

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