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Travelling alone is the ultimate act of self-indulgence. During a solo journey, you are free to do whatever you want, go wherever you want, do whatever, choose your own challenges and activities, make your own mistakes, learn from them, and, in general, overcome everything with a sense of excitement.

The feeling is unmatched, and you will be happy that you travelled alone. Of course, safety advice for women travelling alone is always important to know. Here are a few safety tips for all solo travellers –

Do some research on your destination: Knowing about your destination is crucial to your planning. To avoid getting scammed by locals, learn everything you can about the area, its food, transportation, cost of trips from your hotel, and more. Learn local traffic and road safety rules.

Select suitable lodging: Choosing the correct lodging is one key safety tip for any solo traveller. Be sure to book a property with a 24-hour front desk. You don’t want to wait outside the hotel or hostel for the gates to open. It is also risky.

Wear your confidence: Always seem confident. Con artists and muggers target the lost look. Many even test your city knowledge to get you to trust them and hand over your valuables. As long as you look confident, you should be fine. Avoid charlatans by hiding your solitary travel.

Carry a valid ID: Instead of money, keep your ID in a money belt. You can also store your passport and other important documents in your money belt.

Inform someone of your schedule: You are on a solo journey and want to feel free. However, at least one person should know your whereabouts and travel plans. Your contact will notify the embassy or hostel if something happens to you.

Avoid only hostels: Solo travellers need not stay only in hostels. You can switch up your vacation accommodations. Solo travel lets you do what you want without worrying about others. Choose a luxurious hotel one night and a hostel the next. Make sure not to limit yourself to one style of lodging.

Carry money: It would help if you always carried cash, but not a lot. Many touristy places only accept cash. So don’t get stuck without money.

Avoid overdosing: It would help if you focused on drunken scenes. You may be a watering hole that drinks barrels of beer, but don’t overindulge. You don’t want a hangover or to lose your wallet and valuables. 

Avoid carrying valuables: It’s not necessary to bring valuables. Carrying them throughout the city is perilous but leaving them in the hotel is riskier. Carry ID, cash, and devices only. Avoid carrying jewellery. 

Get travel insurance: If you are travelling to an international destination, then travel insurance may be mandatory. You should know what is covered in travel insurance. Travel insurance usually covers passports, personal belongings, and checked luggage loss. Covering these risks with travel insurance may give you some financial security.

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Lastly, stay alert as a solo traveller. Recognise danger. Avoid late-night walks or alleys.

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