Best Online Tools To Increase Your Efficiency At Work

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Since the beginning of the pandemic, we all have been stuck at home, and we do most of our work online. So to increase your productivity and efficiency at work, you need to have some online tools that will make your life better by helping you with your daily tasks.

A lot of these apps will help you in doing daily work, such as converting PDF to Word free of cost. Following is the list of all the online tools that will help you increase your efficiency at work.


This app is designed for teams to easily communicate, delegate and maintain accountability among the members. Connecteam enhances the productivity of the company by increasing the efficiency and coordination among the employees.

This application keeps remote employees updated on all projects. This app serves as a learning platform for employees who are new to this online interface.  Connecteam helps you to view and develop the project ideas and also in preparing daily working schedules.


This application saves a lot of time and can be set up within a few minutes. WorkflowMax is the right choice for small businesses and writers as it helps them in managing their bills and services. This app enables its user to analyze how much time is spent on a particular task and provides accountability to their work. Moreover, it allows users to create catchy ideas and captions for their clients.


This tool can be used for different reasons. But the primary use of this application is that it can easily maintain and record all the tasks of employees. This app can also multitask. Moreover, Trello enables you to delegate the responsibility to other members by just mentioning their user id.

Office 365

This app helps you to keep track of all the tasks in a hassle-free manner. This app is designed by Microsoft and has various features for managing, sharing, and communicating within a company. Office 365 has a great cloud storage facility. This is why it is easier to manage projects and supervise the tasks assigned to the employees using Office 365.


This management tool is AI-based and can be integrated with any email. Unlike Office 365 or Gmail, its features are not limited. This application moves all the insignificant mails to the saneLater folder, where the user can check all the waiting mails. Also, this app sends regular alerts for every action done on the interface.


When you are working, you might get a PDF file that your boss wants you to edit. Therefore, If you want to convert PDF to Word hassle-free, you can use PDFSimpli. This app is very easy to use and has an impressive UI.

To achieve the goal of your organization, you need to increase the productivity of your company by establishing coordination and efficiency among the team members. And all the above-mentioned apps will help in achieving those goals. Moreover, these apps will also save you a lot of time which can be utilized in doing other important tasks.


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